Plasma based energy
The Plasma device is the fourth state of the matter, it is made up of an ionized gas, consisting of a set of electrons and ions, but globally neutral.

Extreme Precision
One handpiece, many tips of great precision. Highest flexibility to connect needle tips for a large spectrum of treated area.

Non-Ablative tool
is a class IIb non invasive micro surgery medical device in compliance with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments and is exclusively used by professional trained doctors.

Fine tuning of the power
A selection of preset programs that combine the power with the uniqueness of fractional® plasma. Plasmage is the first device to deliver a fractional plasma to the tissues, for an higher and safer control of the spot.

Cheveux Ice Plus Cheveux Ice Plus Cheveux Ice Plus Cheveux Ice Plus

Benefits for the patient

Visible results from the first session

One session
Outpatient care
Can be used with a topical anesthesia
Innovative protocols

Boost the sublimation process of the tissues A solution for all skin types
Visible and immediate results, long lasting effects High precision, safe protocols

Non invasive
Non ablative
Fast treatments
Short recovery time
Cheaper than surgery
No bleeding
Only topical anesthesia


Spécifications Techniques

Power supply DC 12V @ 3,34 A
External power supply
dical Model GSM40B12-P1J – plug standard P1J
1,5 Kg
Overall dimensions (L x H x D)
27 x 25 x 9 cm
Safety class
Class II type BF in accordance with standards: EN 60601-1:2006
Environmental conditions of use
Temp.: 15÷40°C – Press.:980÷1060 hPa – Humid. max: 93% u.r.s.c