Automatically recognizing electrodes
Since the size of electrodes connected to the main body is automatically recognized to control the current against such injuries as a burn that could happen due to carelessnes in using can be prevented in advance.

Automatically controlling the temperature
By using a built-in sensor to atomatically control how much current will be conveyed, a user can more safely and conveniently use the product, since the lead electrode measures a change in the temperature of the body skin on a real-time basis comparison of a set temperature (37-47C)

Excellent insulation of lead electrodes
Since there is no spark resulting from a conveyed current by perfectly insulated lead electrodes, patients will have no disconfort fort he lavatron operation.


Working Mechanism

Lavatron helps increase the temperature of deep dermiş & hypodermis with 3-5cm in depth, improving cellular function, circulation of blood, relief of pain and enhances the extension of collagen tissues. Lavatron facilitates the cure of chronic inflammations by using induction heating which refers to a method where high-frequency current applied to a body tirggers resistance to convert an electric energy into a thermal energy.



Spécifications Techniques

Output type
Automatic: 37C-47C adjustable
Manual: %1-%100 temperature adjust
Frequency output time
1-30 mn adjustable
363 x 380 x 179 (W x D x H)
CET : Ø20, Ø30, Ø80, Ø100
RET : 60mm Bi- polar / 30mm Hair Electrod (optional)
Bio Thermal Stones: 60mmx4 (optional)